Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Read our customers’ reviews and feedback on the Cutter Wedge™ to find out how this innovative club transformed their short game.


“I have finally found a wedge that I feel comfortable with. The ability to control the ball with this club is truly incredible. It takes a little bit to get used to the shape, but after a few swings you will feel much more confident with your wedge game.”

- Steve

“Great club! Feels like you're not touching the grass because it cuts so good and in fact, I haven't hit 1 fat shot yet!” 

- R. Manion

“The Cutter Wedge IS what it says it is! It really does cut through the grass like a knife. The sweet spot is huge and truly about 75% bigger like they claim. . . Do yourself a favor and buy this wedge!”

- Sean Adams

“I love my Cutter Wedge from the rough, chipping, from the sand. Indeed, any wedge shot I take within 50 yards!"

- Melissa Dooher

“Confidence over the ball is everything. The Cutter Wedge design mitigates mishits significantly so I find that I’m not worried about clean contact but am anticipating how close I can get the ball to the pin. I can safely say the Cutter Wedge saves me 2 to 5 strokes per round.”

- Steve C.

“Took a few minutes to get use [sic] to the design and feel, but man, it really does the job. Great confidence with those short shots! Real stroke saver. Can't wait to get out on the course with my buddies to show it off!”

- Mitch W.

“ . . . I took advantage of the Armed forces 20% discount! Well, it's rare when a website makes claims and they are all true! This wedge is the real deal! I am making shots I wouldn't dare try with my normal wedge and the confidence this club provides is unreal!”

- George R.

“I just got the wedge 3 days ago and I was able to play 2 rounds thus far and it's already made a big impact. I rated it 4 stars because the shape is a little weird, but I am scoring better to tell you the truth.”

- Big Tasty

“This is the best wedge I have ever used. The weight distribution and the bounce-off on the face of the club is perfect to get through the thicker rough, sand and other conditions approaching the green. Highly recommended!”

- Tom



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