The Cutter Wedge™

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Our Cutter Wedge may have the same loft, bounce, and lie angle as a typical wedge club, but similarities end there. With a symmetrical face profile, crescent-shaped sole, and triangular head, the Cutter Wedge allows for more accurate swings, improving your short game.

This club leverages the laws of physics to reduce dragging and friction, which lets it cut across the surface. Enjoy effortless swings, stronger strikes, less missed hits, and an overall better game when you shop the Cutter Wedge online.

Cutter Wedge specifications:

  • 52°, 56° and 58° Loft
  • 10°, 12° And 6° Bounce
  • 64° Lie Angle
  • "Stiff" Stepless Shaft - Steel

    Our past customers believe that the Cutter Wedge is the best golf wedge to buy for their short game.

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